Landscape Irrigation System (sprinkler)

  Duct Systems, Chases and Vents

  Plumbing Supply, Distribution System

    and Fixtures

  Drains, Wastes and Vents

  Water Heating Equipment

•  Hydro-Massage Therapy Equipment

•  Dish Washers, Food Waste Disposers

•  Range Hood and Exhaust Systems

•  Ranges, Cooktops and Ovens

•  Microwave Ovens

•  Heating and Cooling Equipment

•  Mechanical Exhaust Vents

    and Bathroom Heaters

•  Garage Door Operators

•  Clothes Dryer Exhaust Systems

ONE CALL TO SCHEDULE ALL! Let us take care of all your inspection needs. We understand that contract option periods vary, and we pride ourselves on ease of scheduling,  prompt completion times and your full understanding of any deficiencies with the property.  We ensure quick service from the time you call to receivng a completed inspection report. 


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All our residential home inspections strictly follow the Texas Standards of Practice and encompass the following areas of the home:


Additional services are available upon request.  Please contact L3 Inspections for ancillary services and fees.

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Professional Residential & Commercial Inspections



​​​​L3 Inspections  offers the following services:

     Buyers Home Inspections

    •  Sellers Pre-Listing Inspections 

     Builders Home Warranty Inspections

       (11 month warranty inspection)

    •  Irrigation Inspections

    •  Pool Inspections

    •  Utility and Outbuilding Inspections (barns, workshops, etc…) 

    •  Commercial Property Inspections  

    •  Foundation

    •  Grading and Drainage

    •  Roof Covering Material

    •  Roof Structure and Attic

    •  Walls (interior and exterior)

    •  Ceilings and Floors

    •  Doors (interior and exterior)

    • ​ Windows

    •  Stairways

    •  Fireplaces and Chimneys

    •  Porches, Balconies, Decks

       and Carports

    •  Electrical Service Entrance

    •  Branch Circuits, Connected Devices

       and Fixtures

    •  Smoke Detectors